Who’s In Charge Here?

Ever have trouble determining God’s will for your future?  You’re not alone.  “Do I move to Mobile or Minnesota?”  “Do I retire or keep working?”  “An engineer at IBM or a clerk at Sears?”  “Do I marry or stay single?”  “What college should my son attend?”  “Is it time for children?”  “Should I live near the church building or commute?”

How in the world do we know what God wants?  Do we set out a fleece?  Seek advice?  Pray?  Read the Bible?  All these are right, yet there is one decision that must be made first.  (Hang on, it’s a tough one.)

 To know God’s will, we must totally surrender to God’s will.  Our tendency is to make God’s decision for Him.  I used to do that with my mom.  As a child, I hated to get the flu for two reasons: (1) it hurt; (2) my mom was a nurse.  Since she was an RN, she knew the fastest way to tackle the flu bug was with a needle…in my bottom.  Ouch!  (I grew up thinking penicillin was a dirty word.)

 When she would tell me to “go get the medicine,” I would get everything but the dreaded needle.  I’d come back with an armful: aspirin, Pepto Bismol© , ear drops, nose drops, ankle wraps, Vicks© Salve – anything but penicillin.  But, as good moms do, she always got her point across.  “Now, you know better,” she’d say with a smile, and I would go get the (gulp) needle.

 Here’s the point.  Don’t go to God with options and expect Him to choose one of your preferences.  Go to Him with empty hands — no hidden agendas, no crossed fingers, nothing behind your back.  Go to Him with a willingness to do whatever He says.  If you surrender your will, then He will “equip you with everything good for doing His will” (Heb. 13:21).

 It’s a promise.

Max Lucado

From his book On The Anvil


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