What Can I Do to Help the Church Grow?

A George Barna survey studied people who visited a local congregation.  He found that:

78 percent loved being greeted by individuals who sat around them at the end of the service.

72 percent did not want to stand and be recognized during service.

70 percent liked receiving information about the church.

65 percent did not want the preacher coming to their house.

You and I know that there is more to congregational growth than numbers.  Yet when we consider the narrative of Acts, the Holy Spirit influenced Luke to record the numerical growth of the Lord’s church (Acts 4:4; 5:14; 6:1; 9:31).

So what can you do to help the church here grow?

1)  Park as far away from the building as you can in order to leave closer places for visitors.

2)  Introduce yourself to guests who sit near you.  If 78 percent of visitors appreciate being greeted, them let us all be greeters!

3)  Invite people to Bible class.  If your friends have children, walk them to the classroom.

4)  Ask guests to join you at other gatherings, such as a small group meeting or a social get-together in your home.

5)  Smile!  It is incredible what happens when we smile at others.

6)  Invite them to lunch.  This way you can visit informally and get to know them better.

7)  Ask guests to sit with you during worship.

8)  Learn the visitor’s name and introduce him/her to people you know.  This is a good practice and is biblical (3 John 14).

9)  Be a friend!  People are looking for more than a friendly church.  They are searching for friendship.

10) Pray for them by name.

via Heart to Heart / House to House


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