It is always amazing to me (though I really should not be surprised!) at the way in which God works through the combined efforts of God’s people. Vacation Bible School 2014: The Story of David is now in the history books, and it has been a great year. We have prayed together, we have worked together, we have struggled together, we have laughed together, we have learned together, and we have sought God together. In our togetherness, God was (and is) at work. VBS is always a lot of work, that is for sure, but it is also a great opportunity for us to display the kind of working-togetherness that ought to be characteristic of our life together as followers of Jesus. And it is truly spectacular to witness God at work in the lives of students, teachers, helpers, and adult participants.

So VBS is over for this year—the classes have been taught and the decorations have been taken down and moved into storage…but the work that began is not quite complete. Our response now is two-fold. First, we pray. We pray in thanksgiving, with gratitude in our hearts, for what God accomplished through and among us this week. We pray, offering thanks for all the young lives that were able to catch a glimpse of the face of Jesus during the week. And we pray fervently for those young (and old) lives that heard the Word this week, that the Word would grow and bear fruit in their hearts. Secondly, we should seek to continue the kind of missional engagement opportunities that VBS affords. Just because VBS is over doesn’t mean we have to wait until next year to invite others for a chance to come to know Jesus. Maybe that means inviting someone to experience our worship gatherings or Bible classes. Or maybe it means inviting someone into your home for a dinner or desert or games. Perhaps it means grabbing a cup of coffee or carpooling to practice. Let’s allow the success of VBS to be a catalyst for us to live lives of sharing the good news about Jesus with whomever God places around us.

We thank God for all he has done this week and VBS, and we are excited about what God will continue to do through our togetherness. We also thank all those who helped to make VBS a reality this year. Without your prayers, your planning, and your sacrificial service, VBS couldn’t happen. So we thank you, for all you do!




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