Treasured Memories

Memories. We all have them. Some we hold dear. Others seem to slip away when we need them most. Others we wish would slip away because of the pain, but they stick with us. Memories. They help make us who we are as people, both individually and as a community.

In the Gospel of Luke, the author tells us, first of all, that he thoroughly researched this story that he is about to tell (Lk 1v1-4). And then he begins to tell the story of Jesus. In Luke we get a very unique perspective on much of Jesus’ early years. After telling us some childhood stories about Jesus, we are told that Mary, the mother of Jesus “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (2v19 NIV) and again that she “treasured up these things in her heart” (v51).

I sometimes wonder if Mary wasn’t one of those people Luke talked to as he was writing his story. We don’t know. But I wonder. And it makes me wonder what other memories she had of Jesus.

How would she remember the excitement of Jesus’ first sermon? The one where Jesus said that the Spirit of God was on him to bring freedom—that almost got him thrown off a cliff. Did she swell with motherly pride as Jesus healed the sick? Did she taste the bread Jesus used to feed thousands? Did she rejoice when Jesus raised the widow’s son from the dead?

Did her heart ache as he made his way to Jerusalem, knowing that the cross was waiting for him? How difficult it must have been for her to watch her son willingly suffer on behalf of his enemies because of his love! How painful would it have been to see Jesus carry the cross up to Golgotha…and the fate that awaited him there.

But the joy! The joy of the resurrection! Did she weep, did she sing, did she dance? Did she throw her arms around him or fall at his feet in worship?
Mary treasured the memories she had of her son, of her Lord, and her Savior. She thought about them often, and cherished them in her heart. And she shared them.

All of us who follow Jesus have memories to treasure as well. He has done something incredible for all who have called on him in baptism. The memories might have been painful, or it might have been joyful. Likely, it’s some of both. Treasure those memories of Jesus in your life. Reflect on those memories. Give thanks for those memories. And share those memories—because the world needs to hear what Jesus has done in your life.

    —Brad Schrum


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