The Power Of An Invitation

Dr. Harold Shank, the President of Ohio Valley University, tells the story of his introduction to Christianity.  When he was just a boy his family did not attend church.  A neighbor invited Harold to Vacation Bible School at the local church of Christ.  He enjoyed it so much that it was suggested he might enjoy coming to Bible class and church services on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  He did.

The early invitation led to the conversion of his family, study at a Christian university, becoming an educator, over 35 years in ministry, teaching Bible and now serving in the very important role of leading OVU — all because one Christian invited a little boy to Vacation Bible School.

I am reminded of the apostle Andrew.  We are not really told much about Andrew’s success as an evangelist — but one thing we are told — he brought his brother Peter to Christ, and his contribution to the church of the First Century was great.  We may not have the talent or the opportunity to be leaders in the church, but we can — all of us — show interest in the souls of loved ones, neighbors and friends, by inviting them to church.

Have you invited anyone to Homecoming yet?  It’s not too late!  You may be wondering,  “Who should I ask?”  Don’t overlook anyone who potentially may come.  Have you considered:

…Mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and their families?  If your family is like most, we don’t get together as often as we wish, so going to church together is a wonderful opportunity — they will learn more about your faith in the process.

…People you grew up with — especially those who grew up with you in the church?  Many of them have not remained faithful through the years — this may be the first step back for them!

…People who share common interests?  The guys who go 4-wheeling with you, the retiree’s group that meets for breakfast once a month, the other moms and dads who participate in your kid’s ball teams or school activities.

…People you interact with daily?  The people at work, the man who cuts your hair, the clerk at the grocery store, the family in the neighborhood whose kids play with your kids, the older couple who lives across the street.

…You can invite people that you don’t even know.  One thing is sure…people will not come unless we invite them.

Adapted from article by Dana Slingluff

Via Park Ave. Church Bulletin

Charleston, WV

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