The Policeman’s Story

Editor’s Note…

The following incident was reported in Ron Clayton’s December, 2012, report regarding the mission work in India. 

Some time back, we told you the story of Rajendra Gowda, a Gospel preacher who was persecuted by Hindu extremists for preaching about Jesus in Devangere, Kamataka state.  The famous Hindu Durgambika Temple, dedicated to the “goddess” Durga Devi, is located in that city.

They told him to stop preaching about Jesus or they would burn down his church building and house.  This happened twice.  He continued to preach the Gospel.  They warned him a 3rd time and said they would rape his wife and daughter and then kill all of them.  He continued to preach the Gospel.

These Hindus were enraged and set fire to his house and church building.  Everything he and his family had was destroyed in the fire.  The radicals then beat Rajendra Gowda badly and then dragged him to the nearest police station, where they made false allegations against him.

To curry favor with the radical Hindus, the policeman in charge then beat Rajendra Gowda and kicked him in the mouth, knocking out his 4 front teeth.  Fast forward to about 6 months later.

He called Rajendra Gowda and asked to meet with him in Bangalore.  Rajendra went with R. Premdas, who helped him a great deal during this troubled time.  The policeman touched Rajendra’s feet, the most humbling and humiliating thing anyone can do in India.  He begged for forgiveness for the horrible thing he had done.

The policeman gave Rajendra Rs.5,000 to help pay for his medical bills.  And then he asked the 2 Christians to teach him the Gospel!  He later was baptized and is a faithful member of the Lord’s church!

Then about 3 months ago, the policeman’s wife and daughter both obeyed the Gospel!  And that is not all.  Now the men who caused all the trouble in the beginning are studying the Bible with Rajendra Gowda, and there is a good chance at least some of them will become Christians.

This is the power of the Gospel at work.  In my years of working in India, I have witnessed a number of con men, crooks, Communists, and even killers become Christians.  The power is in the Gospel!  The policeman’s story is one of the most astounding of all.  Praise God for His powerful Gospel that provides salvation through Jesus Christ!

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