By Nicole Lewis

Did you never notice how much we take for granted? We never seem to get excited over the little things. A touch on the shoulder, a squeeze of the hand, a smile, a hello. We look for the BIG things, the things with flashing lights and music. But what if something happened and the small things began to mean something once again and touched you in ways you never thought possible? What if every moment was special because you didn’t know if the one you love would ever be the same again? What if you had made plans for your future, yet now you aren’t sure if those plans will change or stay the same? Would your love stay strong, your head held high? Would your faith waiver or grow? Ask yourself these questions as we begin.

We have all had that one person in our lives or one family that has helped changed us for the better. For many of us in our church family at St. Clairsville, that family has been the Games family.  They are a family of devout Christians who serve our Lord with such an intensity and passion that you can’t help but smile and praise God. Yet, they are humbled. When I first began attending, they welcomed me with open arms–smiles on their faces and a kind word helped me to open up and grow more in my faith. Their example is amazing and their faith and trust in God shows in every action, every step, and every word.

Brian is one of those people who can leave an impact in your life even if you only meet him for brief second. He is a blessing, as is his family, and we are so thankful and blessed to have them all as part of our family and lives.

As I write this, Brian and his family are faced with another trial in their life. On Jan. 7, he was taken to the hospital with vomiting, sweating, seizures, and the inability to speak. After a long series of tests, they discovered he had a blood clot in his brain stem between brain and heart.  The next day he was life-flighted to Cleveland Clinic where he and his family are now. and where the doctors are trying to dissolve the clot.

As I write this I cry because the family’s faith is . . .words can’t describe it. They are so upbeat and positive and once again I am humbled — humbled by, how during such a scary time with unknown things around them, they keep their heads up and their knees bowed and pray to God and praise Him as well. I speak for many people when I say they have not left our minds since Brian was admitted to the hospital.   I believe this entire thing is helping us all to grow in our faith and love towards God.

Brian Games may not be standing in front of the congregation, or leading songs, or reading a scripture, or teaching; but as you are reading this, he is still teaching and God is still using him to reach people.

Remember when I asked you to think about the little things in life? Did you? Are you thinking about them now? For this family the small things ARE the BIG things…such as just talking with your eyes or your fingers or a nod of the head.  Prayers continue to go to God everyday along with praise for where Brian is now. I ask you to look your loved ones in the eyes, joke with them, squeeze their hand, say “I love you”, kiss them, and hold them tight. Life can change in an instant, plans and dreams can be put on hold, but God will always be there. He will guide us and will show us what His plan is in His time. He will comfort us in ways that no other person can, He will lift us up and love us like no one else.

Brian is still teaching, still being an example, still impacting lives and he’s not at a pulpit or in front of a classroom. He is in a hospital bed, fighting and his family is too. Lives are still being touched…sermons are still being tau

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