One of the more interesting and frustrating biblical characters is one of the best known and one of the closest companions to our Lord.  It could be said that his life was characterized by inconsistent and impulsive behavior and reaction to circumstances.  He was one who reacted to situations rather than acting on what he knew.

This is the man who, as he was helping his brother and co-workers wash their nets after a fishing trip, had Jesus say to him, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” (Mk. 1:17)  They knew how to catch fish.  But now Jesus was going to teach them how to “catch” men.  He was going to tell them and show them how to bring people back  to His Father.  And what Jesus did with this fisherman was truly amazing.  At times, it’s exciting and at other times, it’s frustrating.  But eventually, Jesus did what He said He would do.  He would develop this fisherman into a person who would bring thousands to Christ.

This is one of the many reasons we are excited about this coming week of VBS. One more time, we are going to watch Jesus work with Peter and fashion him into a “fisher of men.”  One of the areas of focus will be “Peter’s Strong Moments On The Sea” (times in Peter’s life centered around and on the Sea of Galilee).  Another area of study will be “Peter’s Strong Moments On the Land” focusing on some truly special high-points in his life.  His “Resisting God’s Will” will be another area of study–one which looks at some low-but-necessary points in his life and at his recovery from those low points.  The fourth area of study will take us into his “Weak Moments During Jesus’ Final Week”–a time in his life which he regretted more than any other.

The adults will be led in their classes by area preachers.  On Monday, Jeffrey Dillinger of the Whitehall, PA, congregation will focus on “Peter’s Strong Moments on the Sea;”  Tuesday, Terry Lafferty of the North Hills (Pittsburgh) church will lead the discussion of “Peter’s Strong Moments on The Land;” Wednesday, Dana Slingluff who preaches for the Camden Ave. church in Parkersburg, WV, will discuss “Peter’s Resisting God’s Will” and on Thursday, John Wright from Wheeling will talk about “Peter’s Weak Moments During Jesus’ Final Week.”  The interest in the adult class has increased each year and we are confident the classes will be challenging and inspirational again this year.  If you are an adult, you don’t want to miss any of the sessions.  Each of these men are dedicated men whose love for the Lord and His Word are very evident in their lives as well as in their lessons.

We are anticipating a great week of growth in our understanding of how Jesus can and does work in our lives.  We hope you are already inviting your friends to come with you and your family every evening this coming week.  Don’t forget our Closing Program and Open House on Friday evening as the week comes to a close. Let’s continue our prayers and efforts for a great week for the Lord and for His StC church family.



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