“O God, Our Father, Ruler Of All Nations”

O God, our Father, Ruler of the Nations,

The Leader of our country from its start:

How richly you have blessed us, beyond measure!

We come to you with full and grateful hearts:

O help us now to wisely use our plenty.

Forgive us for our greed and for our waste,

And teach us how to share what you have given,

Till poverty and hatred be erased.

Around us are the forces of corruption,

Our vision fails, direct us by your hand.

Inspire in us the faith that led our fathers,

And guided them to found this mighty land.

Our leaders need your courage and your wisdom,

O speak again through men whose lives are just,

Until your will is done across this nation,

And we can truly say, “In God we trust!”

We thank you that our land is blest with freedom,

This testing ground for true democracy.

And pray that in the course of human struggle,

We’ll always stand for truth and liberty.

For here the cries of dissidence and protest

Can mingle with the rousing shouts of praise.

But in this very freedom, grant us wisdom

To keep your laws and serve you all our days.

America, the beautiful, the mighty,

America, the land of liberty!

O, Father, keep us mindful of our blessings,

And never let us turn away from Thee.

Surround us with your cleansing, healing Spirit.

Forgive our sin and purge our apathy.

Now use us as an instrument of blessing

To all the earth — America, the Free!


                                             By Mrs. Moncrief Jordan


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