Carlyle Marney said it:  “The institutional monstrosity we have named “church” is too filled with people who nibble at religion.”

Did he call my name?  Does that apply to me…

· When attendance at the worship hour is decided on the basis of convenience?

 · When good works are postponed due to a desire for ease and comfort?

· When I substitute Bible reading for Christian service?

· When I give only token amounts from my salary to the preaching of the Gospel, and meeting the needs of the poor and suffering?

· When prayer becomes a private wish-list?

· When ‘church’ becomes a business opportunity?

I leave it to you to supply additional questions.  I’m tired of self-condemnation.

My Bible tells me of first century Christians who denied themselves, took up the cross and followed Jesus.  They gave liberally out of their poverty; suffered beatings and imprisonments; were spoken against and stoned; were persecuted from town to town yet continued to preach.  They left occupations, and even fathers and mothers to follow Christ.

They did not nibble at religion!

~John Gibson

  via bulletin of

   Windsong Church of Christ

   Little Rock, Arkansas

“holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power;”

                                                                                  –2 Tim. 3:5

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