11.6.16 Bulletin News


New requests & updates: Mary Bass has cataract surgery on Wednesday. Bryan Biesel has surgery on Tuesday. Charles Boger is scheduled to return home today. Mae Deller had been at EORH with breathing problems. Alicia Estadt is the hospital with an infection. Willy Glasgow’s heart is improving (though he still has a blood clot). Molly Leonard’s (the Burkhart’s daughter) cancer has come back. Peggy Lucas’ surgery for spinal stenosis was successful, but she is now having drop foot symptoms. She will be in rehab for at least 7-10 days. Charles Lucas remains in Park Health Nursing Home. Markie Magnone (11yr old friend of Kim Clark) had surgery to insert steel rods in his back. Vera Perry is recovering from a severe UTI. Leon Smith has been at Forest Hills, but was to go home this weekend.

ON GOING PRAYERS NEEDED: Jim Bass, Barbara Brewer, Karen Dunfee, Joann Gaston, Randy Gallagher, Nancy Hendershot, Dorothy & Judy Heil, Kyle Hope, Chad Huntsman, Ted Huntsman, Janie Judge, Kevin Kalany, Scott Kalany, Bunky Loy, Rob Miller, Kinsey Milleson, Kelly Moore, Susan Moore, Donna Morris, Gerry Munn, Frank Nagy, Eleanor Palimetakis, Bill & Pat Rice, John Sambuco, Cheryl Stefan, Joyce Stimpert, Jennifer Wheeler, Randy Williams, Lori Witchey & Rita Yontz.

C.J. Harding (Terry Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law) is being deployed, Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son), Colt Thomas (Karen Thomas’ step-son), & Tyrell Watson (Riley’s husband).

OUR SHUT-INS: Ella Bell, Carolyn Campbell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Joyce Orzolek, Arlene Kopyar, Jim Thrash, Marlene Trisolene, Joanne Wallner & Dee Withers.

Teen Fall Retreat: The teens are wrapping up their Fall Retreat this morning in Grandvue Park in Moundsville. Continue to pray for the teens over the coming weeks as the seeds planted at the retreat grow in their lives. And pray for the chaperones as they recover!

The following men are up for consideration as prospective shepherds…
Jeff Bigler, Jerry Moore, & Jay Rodak. There are support forms available on the table by the bulletin. It is important that each member fill out that support form and return it to one of the current shepherds today.

COMMODITY DRIVE:  We will be collecting the following items for the Potter Children’s Home – All purpose flour, Dishwasher machine detergent, Butterscotch chips, Adult hand lotion, Stroganoff Hamburger Helper. [Due today in the Fireside Room]

We are in need of volunteers to do some heavy lifting on November 21. Our pews are scheduled to arrive at 8am and we need help unloading.

SYMPATHY:  We extend our sympathy to Dorothy Nice and her family. Her husband Willey passed away last Saturday. Thanks to everyone who helped to provide food for the funeral dinner.

LADIES CLASS: The ladies class continues on Tuesday, at 6pm in the Fireside Room. This is a great opportunity to grow closer together and grow as a follower of Jesus, & to invite others!

BIBLE CLASSES: We have classes for all ages on Sundays at 9am and Wednesdays at 7pm that are a great way to learn more about the Scriptures and to grow closer together as a church. We hope to see you there!


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