What did Isaac ever do?  He is not the “Father of the Faithful” as his dad, Abraham, is.  He is not the exciting supplanter his son Jacob was.  He never did anything spectacular — he never made some supreme sacrifice.

Yet the Bible refers to God as “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”  Abraham was a giant — we can understand a “God of Abraham.”  Jacob possessed the stuff from which heroes are made — we can understand a “God of Jacob.”  But a “God of Isaac”?  Yet this is the beauty of Isaac.  God is not like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; but He is a God which has room for all kinds of personalities.  He was available to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What did Isaac ever do?  He was born, got married, tended his flocks, dug wells and died.  Not very interesting — but this touches me.  How many of us can be great like Abraham?  How many of us wish to be complicated like Jacob?  This means that most of us are “Isaacs.”  It has been my persuasion that biographical sermons should be on “common men in the Bible,” not the giants.  There are few Abrahams but many Isaacs in the pew — let’s inspire them!

What did Isaac do?  Actually what God wanted done.  He was an obedient son, a faithful loving husband, a good provider.  No scandal, infidelity or deceit ever characterized him.  He was a good man, from the cradle to the grave.

Church budgets are MET BY THE “ISAACS.”  Yes, we have some Abrahams and Jacobs — but thank God for the “Isaacs.”  They won’t give the most, they will do nothing spectacular!  But their contribution will be there; their presence will be felt.  The greatest mistake in life is to do NOTHING because you can only do a LITTLE!  The budget includes and needs “every Isaac.”  God blesses and appreciates the Isaacs.

Taken from “Writing Out Loud”

by Charles Hodge


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