Faith in the Face of Danger

This former Muslim WEI (World English Institute) student and his wife baptized each other in secret in their bathtub two years ago.  Since then, John Mark (not his real name) has been personally responsible for some 40 Muslims signing up with WEI.

In January John Mark was threatened with prison if he did not pay a $50,000 bribe for “spreading Christianity.”  He buried his flash drive with the Bible on it in his yard, and sent his wife and four children to another province where they changed locations every night.  John Mark went to another province to hide.

“Miraculously,” two weeks after the threat, he and his family were able to flee to another country.  In February, they flew back to their Islamic country.  He hid his family in the crowd in a city of millions; then he returned to his home province, moving from place to place, avoiding his home, and wearing a disguise to go back and forth to work.

In spite of the dangers, John Mark again went back to encouraging people to study with WEI.  One of the students said he wanted to be baptized as soon as he gets the courage to do so.

In March God intervened again.  John Mark’s close friend was selected commander of the police force of his entire province.  The commander promised to protect him and his family.  So he moved his family back to their home town, but he rented a house far from their old home as a precaution.

John Mark’s 16 year old son took our WEI course last year and said,  “Christianity is illegal in our country.  If the government knows that a person becomes a Christian, he will be at risk… Jesus suffered a lot for us.  We should follow him, and continue His way.”

In late March this year John Mark baptized his son.

              Written by WEI teacher, Katheryn Haddad

   In the last issue of WEI Update, John Mark’s life was in danger.  We are happy to report that he and his family have been spared by the hand of God.

                               Borrowed from ” WEI Update,” Jan./March 2013

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