Doing It As Worship

He is 7 feet tall and 255 pounds of pure muscle and athleticism. He is known as one of the best centers to have played the game.  He led his team to two back-to-back world basketball titles. He was known as the hardest working big man in the NBA. He was a perennial all-star, playing in 10 All-Star games. And he is not even from this country. In addition to English and French, he speaks four other languages.

I was watching Roy Firestone on ESPN’s Close-Up program where, on this day, he was interviewing this particular person. Firestone asked him this question: “Why do you work so hard? Your team-mates tell me that every time you step onto the hard wood, you give it 110 percent. They tell me you practice spin moves and fade-away jump shots by the hour.  They tell me you run wind sprints until you can’t anymore, relentlessly pushing yourself. They tell me that even in a scrimmage, you go for every rebound and every loose ball like you are in the finals of the NBA. Why? You don’t have anything to prove. You have made it to the top.  Why not just take it easy?

The question intrigued me, but the answer this person gave blew me away.  He said, “Roy, I do not count what I do on the basketball court as work.  Everytime I step onto that court, I am not playing for me, but for Him. you see, the reason I work so hard is because basketball is not work…it is worship. It is my way of thanking God for His goodness to me.”

His name is Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon.

As Dr. Cooper spoke, I kept thinking about this. What if, I thought, I treated my job, not as work, but as worship? What could I accomplish?

What if I treated my workouts, not as a drudgery, something I had to do, but as worship?

What if I treated my marriage, not as an obligation, but as worship?

What if I treated my parenthood, not as an activity, but as worship?

What if I treated my friendships, not merely as relationships, but as worship?

What if I treated my hobbies, not only as fun things to do, but as worship?

What if I treated community service, not just as a good thing to do to help others, but as worship?

What if I even drove my car, not merely as a way to get from here to there, but as worship?

What if I treated everything I do, everyone I meet, everything I say, as though it is an act of worship? How would that transform my life? What could I accomplish in my life? Who would I be able to touch and reach and attract to Christ?

I decided on Saturday morning that I was going to attack my life, not just as life, but as worship. My family, my job, my activities, everything, I am going to give 110%, because I’m not just doing it for myself anymore…I’m doing it for God. I’m doing it to give Him thanks and praise.

I’m doing it as worship.

                                                                                                                                                       –David Barnett



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