Each of us comes to faith in our own way and in our own time. Some, presented with the facts of the gospel, see the truth and receive salvation. Others wrestle with the truth or fail to see the application for their lives.

We cannot control the process as a person comes to faith or rejects the gospel, for evangelism is not manipulation.

We must, however, be faithful in presenting the truth of the gospel – both in maintaining the integrity of the content and the consistency of our presentation.
There are times a person is more open to the good news of Jesus Christ, times when the circumstances of life show the need for something beyond ourselves.

To be effective in reaching out with the gospel, we must be aware of when these reachable moments may arise.

Transitions in the lives of people often provided a springboard to reach them with God’s truth. Moving to a new city, entering a new job, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one – these and many other times of change may provide just the opening for the gospel to take root.

To take advantage of these reachable moments, we must be firm in our faith and prepared to present the message of Christ effectively. If we are equipped with the truth of God’s word, we can trust Him to provide the openings we need to reach others with the good news of salvation.

by Greg Tidwell


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