Brad Schrum was to undergo surgery on his facial fractures last Thursday.  Kevin Kalany is undergoing a 2-7 week outpatient treatment for Epstein-Barr  virus. The medicine he is receiving is normally used in chemotherapy for lymphoma with similar side-effects, but less severe. The mass in his chest tested benign.

Amy & Ryan Higgins are trying to cope with their recent loss.  Craig Herwick is recovering from a torn retina.  Gregg Voscavitch’s surgery to remove the cancerous spots from his neck and left temple was a success. Sherri Pinkston is doing well as she recovers from recent surgery.  Kyle Sowinski, is recovering after hitting his face on the bottom of a pool while diving.  Louis Bain, Kate’s husband, is to consult with a doctor in Columbus soon regarding a suspected cancerous lump behind one of his ears.

Marge Bailey, Greg Vickers’ mother, was hospitalized in Wheeling Hosp. last week with heart-related problems. Elmer LaRue, one of our former shepherds, was to undergo colon cancer surgery last Thursday. The prognosis for Michael Coiner’s recovery from brain cancer is not good.  They are considering an experimental treatment.  He is Dot Nice’s nephew. Kaylin Stafford, a recent graduate of Barnesville High School and a friend of Kay Sowinski, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor which is so deep that its removal would cause brain damage.

A letter from Sally & Ernie Hickenbottom with updates on their health is on the bulletin board.

Let’s continue to pray for the following: Evelyn Barker, Emma Clem (Eleanor Palimetakis’ granddaughter), Shelli Glasgow, Faith Hilton (Bunky Loy’s granddaughter), Nancy Hudson, Joelle Jones, Janice Kranek, (former co-worker of Donna Noling and Paula Farber, cancer),  Beth Kroehle (Bertha Kettlewell’s daughter), Charlotte Mason (Mae Deller’s daughter), Judy McMillan, Donna Morris (friend of Bunky Loy), Vera Perry,  Ray & Dana Ramsay, Debbie Roach, Edie Roberts, Peg Spielvogel and Lauren Symanek (Wayne Patton’s niece).

Please continue your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for Leslie Huffman who is  due in February.

Those who are no longer able to worship with us regularly need our continued support and encouragement…Curtis Blake, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Lenny Hungerman, Marcelyn Jones, Dorothy Kimble, Bill Kopyar, Virginia Orrison, Joyce Orzolek, Alice Shunk (Leonard Bearup’s mother), Leon & June Smith, Jim Thrash, Marlene Trisoline, Joanne Wallner and Bill White.


Those who are serving in the military need our prayerful support… Nathan Rodak (Bill & Joan’s grandson), Marc & Kristen Roy (Pearl Roy’s grandson & granddaughter), Joe Stenger and Dylan Usenick.


Jessica Harris publicly responded to the invitation requesting our prayers to help her deal with the stress of working and going to school.


We express our sympathy to Bertha Kettlewell in the recent death of her brother, Wilbur McFeley. His funeral was last Monday in Bellaire.


Last Tuesday, Cade & Cole Stephen, the grandsons of George & Audrey Contos (deceased former members) and the sons of Cheryl (Contos) & Chris Stephen, were baptized into Christ. They will be worshipping with the Sandy Ridge church. We rejoice with their decisions to dedicate their lives to the Lord.


Due to VBS, there will be no Teen Devo this week.  The next one will be Thursday, August 18 at Rich & Julie Daley’s.


Next Sunday, there will be an afternoon of activities for those in Grades 3-6 here at the church building.


The final week of Camp Concern finished yesterday.  We know many of our youth won awards at various church camps this summer and we would like to share their achievements with the church family.  Please write your child’s name, award, name of the camp and week of camp on a card and give it to Joyce by next Sunday, Aug. 15.  We hope to publish the complete list in the  Aug. 22nd bulletin.


VBS 2011 begins tomorrow evening and will continue through this coming Friday.  The classes will meet Monday-Thursday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., and the closing program will be held on Friday at 7:00.  (See the main article in today’s bulletin for more details.)    If you would like to help, please contact Dennie Green.  If you are helping and haven’t picked up your costume yet, they are available on the coat rack outside Everett’s office.

Cards to use in inviting others to VBS are still available on the table in the foyer.


We will need desserts not requiring eating utensils (e.g., cookies, brownies, etc.) and soft drinks and/or Kool-Aid for the VBS closing program on Friday evening.


It’s still not too late to donate money to be used in purchasing the food items for VBS.  If you would like to donate, please give your cash or check to Kathy Green today.  (Please make checks payable to Kathy Green).

If you would like to provide cookies and/or Kool-aid for refreshments for the adult class, please sign the list on the bulletin board.


The bi-monthly meeting for the shepherds, deacons and preachers will be Sunday, Aug. 21, at 4:30 in the MP Room.


Most parents want to help their children  work through the challenges of the turbulent teen years so their teens will continue to love and serve  God throughout life.   In next week’s announced sermon, “Keeping Teens Faithful,” Phil Sanders will discuss ways to help our teens remain faithful to the Lord. The broadcast can be seen Sundays at 7:30 a.m. on WTRF-TV, ch. 7.

















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