7.31.16 Bulletin News

Prayer Requests

New requests & updates: Alicia Estadt was admitted to OSU Hospital for neurological tests. Willie Glasgow’s blood clot is still there and his heart has only improved 10%. He will be seeing a specialist on August 19th and will eventually have a permanent defibrillator put in. Rob Miller was involved in an accident Wednesday while cutting down a tree. Part of the tree fell on him. He is banged up and in a lot of pain, but nothing was broken. He is in ICU at Wheeling Hospital. Jimmy Thrash has been in the ICU in Morgantown due to brain swelling after his biopsy. Test have shown that the tumor is growing. He is also having severe speech problems.

On-going prayers needed: Jim Bass, Charles Boger, Barbara Brewer, Joann Gaston, Dorothy Heil & Judi Heil (sisters-in-law of Darla Yazombek), Jenny Harris (Bill Rice’s daughter), Kyle Hope, Chad Huntsman, Ted Huntsman, Janie Judge, Kevin Kalany, Scott Kalany, the Kidder’s uncle, Misty Landefeld, Nicole Lewis, Donna Morris, Frank Nagy, Natalie Pendergrass, Cheryl Stefan, Joyce Stimpert’s, Pat Rice, Pearl Roy, Lori Witchey and Jennifer Wheeler.

Our Shut-ins: Evelyn Barker, Ella Bell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Joyce Orzolek, Arlene Kopyar, Leon Smith, Jim Thrash, Marlene Trisolene & Joanne Wallner.  

In the Military: C.J. Harding (Terry Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son) & Tyrell Watson (Riley’s husband).


News & Upcoming Events
Elder Selection Process
We are continuing to discuss the work  & qualifications of shepherds as we move toward selecting additional men to lead us. This is a very important step in our growth together as a congregation, and you are invited and encouraged to participate. We are in the middle of a series of discussions in the Sunday morning bible class, and we will begin a series of teachings in our worship time together. This is an exciting opportunity for our church, so make plans to be involved and be fervent in prayer!

Camp Concern
Junior Week at Camp Concern begins today! Pray for all the campers and staff for a great God-centered week!

Congratulations to Jerry & Pam Robinson. Jerry baptized his son-in-law last week.

New Baby
Congratulations to Sam & Dolores Burkhart, whose 10th great grandchild was born on July 20th. She weighed 5lbs 10oz and was 18 ½ inches long. Her name is Ella Grace.

Fifth Sunday
Today is a 5th Sunday, which means our contribution will go toward the building project.

Youth Led Worship
Tonight at 6pm, our teens will be leading us in worship.

Teen Devotional
The teen devo is Aug 4 at the Schrums’.

Encountering Jesus
Encountering Jesus continues on Wednesday! Joe Schmidli will be teaching Jesus’ encounter with three fishermen from Luke 5v1-11.

Building Project
As we mentioned at our congregational meeting on July 10, 2016, we have incurred some unexpected expenses due to price increases and some unforeseen things. Below is a list of items still needed to be purchased in order to complete the building project. If anyone is willing to donate for these projects, please see one of the shepherds. Please continue to keep the building project in your prayers. —Thank You

   Pews                         $43,078.00
PA System                   $5,000.00
Fire Alarm                  $13,000.00
Plumbing                    $13,921.00
Doors                         $37,500.00
Electric                       $30,000.00
Carpet                        $35,000.00
Steeple                         $8,000.00
Front Glass Doors      $18,000.00
Ceiling                        $45,000.00
Carport                       $47,452.00
Restroom Fixtures        $7,250.00
Finish Drywall               $5,000.00

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