Bob Beisel, Susan’s brother-in-law had a mild heart attack while on a fishing trip in Canada.  Ward Coulter (Pat Rice’s uncle) is experiencing renal failure, but is seeing some improvement. Amy Games spent some time in the ER on Monday with abdominal pains. She’s doing better. Joel Judge (Jamie & Leslie’s nephew) is home and doing better. Maryn Lucas (Jason & Carrie’s daughter) broke her wrist last week after falling out of her crib. Dustin McMillan is spending the summer working as an intern with a church in Oklahoma. Liam Manning is home until his next surgery. June Metcalf (Amy Games’ mother)fell while in the nursing home.  She has no broken bones but is bruised. Geri Nagy (Kim Clark’s mother) has a doctor’s appt. in Columbus this Friday to try and determine the cause of her abdominal pain.

Jennifer Reaggle (Danny McMillan’s niece) is in critical condition following a car accident.  She is from the Youngstown area. Kay Sowinski requested prayers during last Sunday’s worship gathering.

Please continue your prayers for those for whom prayer has been requested: Jim Bass, Charles Boger, Hobert Bunner, Joyce Carpenter (a friend of Dee Bigler), Jeremy Cartman (Terry Fitch’s stepson, in accident), Bill Daley, Morgan Fetzer (the Green’s granddaughter, broken wrist), Pat Games, Lee Hoffman (prostate surgery),Harold Hudson, Kevin Kalany,Maureen McBride, Sheri Pinkston (back problems), Adam Sambuco (in China), Jim Strauss, Wayne and Jane Shirbish & Jim and Carol Warsinski, Jimmy Thrash, Jacob Walton, Rita Yontz, & Joy Yontz’s daughter, Ashley and her baby Bella (car accident).

Please continue to pray and encourage those who are no longer able to worship with us…Evelyn Barker, Ella Bell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Joyce Orzolek,Alice Shunk, Leon & June Smith, Jim Thrash, Marlene Trisolene and Joanne Wallner.

Please keep our expectant mother(s) in your prayers:Amy Higgins (Nov. 24th), Leslie Huffman (Nov. 14th).


Please continue to pray for those who are serving in the military…C.J. Arnold (Eddie’s brother, Afghanistan), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), Chad Huggins, Bill Randolph (Matt’s father), Nathan Rodak (Jay & Rhonda’s son, in California) and Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son).  


Jay and Rhonda Rodak are looking forward to a new grandchild. Nathan and Courtney are expecting their first child in November. Nathan will be leaving the military in August.


We rejoice with Michaela Hinkle, who was baptized into Christ last Sunday morning. We welcome her to the family and mission here. Be sure to pray for her and encourage her in her discipleship.


Please add Dee Bigler’s birthday to your calendar for June 12th. We mistakenly left her off the calendar.


We have the opportunity to lead worship for the residents of Forest Hills Nursing home this afternoon from 2:30-3pm. We need volunteers.


     Weather permitting, we will be meeting at our new property on Reservoir Rd this evening for our 6pm worship service. We’re looking forward to a great time together spent in God’s creation and anticipating God’s plans for us.


     The Summer Series on Wednesday night continues this week. The theme this year is “Blessed.” Mike Vilano is teaching “Not Stumbling Over Jesus” from Luke 7.23.


Thank you to all the teachers who spend their time and efforts in this important ministry. We are looking for teachers for the upcoming year. If you are able to teach for any quarter this upcoming year, please sign up on the youth bulletin board in the back hallway.


We extend our sympathy to Ron Baker (Darlene’s husband) at the death of his brother, Terry Baker. He passed away May 29th.


The teens are invited to a devotional on Thursday (June 12th) at the Clarks’ from 7-9pm.


There will be a lock-in and scavenger hunt for the teens on Friday, June 20th. If you can chaperone and/or drive for the scavenger hunt, please see Brad.


We have been given several hardback Bibles to give away. If you or someone you know needs a Bible, feel free to take one from the table in the back.


Starting on Monday, Brad will be on vacation. He plans to return to the office on the 17th. Dean Miller will be preaching next week while Brad is away.


Some think we should never speak out against sin or about the false doctrines we hear. Did Jesus ever speak out against the evils of His day and should we speak out. One thing is sure: if we fail to speak out, the devil will surely have his say.

Next week’s lesson by Phil Sanders is, “Speaking Out.”The program can be seen locally every Sunday, 7:30a.m. on WTRF-TV, Ch. 7.



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