Charles Boger is back at Cumberland Pointe after being hospitalized for dehydration.  Harry Schrum remains at Cumberland Pointe. Edie Roberts continues to progress in her recovery from hernia surgery. It was great to have Peg Spielvogel in services last Sunday evening following the installation of a device in her back to alleviate her persistent pain. Pat Rice is to consult with her doctor at the University of Virginia this Tuesday regarding the  return of her double vision.  Brian Games continues to progress in his physical therapy. Clyde Carpenter’s doctors continue to monitor his heart rhythms. Jocelyn Davis is to consult with a specialist on May 25 concerning a hernia.  Mabel Hutson was taken by e-squad to the emergency room last Wednesday due to general weakness. All of her tests were normal.

Kari Games, Brian’s sister-in-law, is recovering from last Monday’s gall bladder surgery. Frankie Carnes, Amanda Schrum’s grandmother, had a potentially cancerous mass removed last Wednesday.  Olivia Alexander, a 9-month old friend of Becky Bigler, recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. The prognosis is not positive.  Tamara Ernster, the Sowinskis’ niece, is to have some severe precancerous spots removed tomorrow.

Jan Taylor, a friend of the Games, has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Kimberly Vickers, Greg Vickers’ and Nettie Hartung’s niece, has requested our prayers for the mother of the Price family who is in serious condition following an assault early last week.

Please continue praying for those for whom our prayers have been requested…Louis Bain (Kate’s husband), Evelyn Barker, Holly Bine (Pat Rice’s brother, cancer), Joe &  Tamara Davis (Clyde Carpenter’s niece and her husband), Ernie DeBertand (friend of several of our members, cancer), Kevin Kalany, Deborah Lodge (Amber Hope’s stepmother), Vera Perry and Adam Shanks  (friend of the Voscavitches).

Those who are unable to worship with us regularly any longer need our support and encouragement. …Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Dorothy Kimble, Bill Kopyar, Virginia Orrison, Joyce Orzolek, Bill Richards, Leon & June Smith, Vonda Swisher, Jim & Pam Thrash, Marlene Trisolene,  Joanne Wallner, Bill White and Anna Witchey.


Amy Higgins was scheduled to deliver their son last Thursday.  Listen to today’s announcements for the details. Please continue your prayers for  Lindsay McKeen (a girl in July).


Let’s continue praying for those in the military….Nathan Rodak (Jay & Rhonda’s son) and  Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son).


We are collecting items for a “Sunshine Basket” to encourage Charles Boger.  If you would like to include some small items, please bring them by next Sunday and place them in the basket on the table in the foyer.


We will be honoring all of our High School Graduates during the morning worship service on May 27.  Our graduates are from Union Local…Ashley Farber, Ashley Gaston, Dustin McMillan and Tyler Pinkston and from St.C… Alex Cannon, Melanie Hannan and Emily Vickers. If you are graduating from college or a technical school, please let Joyce know as well.


The church family is invited to an Open House in the MP Room on Saturday, May 26, 1-5 p.m., in honor of Ashley Farber’s graduation from High School.


We congratulate Paula Farber on being united in marriage to Joe Schmidli yesterday.   Joe and his daughter, Sierra, have been worshipping with us the past couple of months.


It is good to have Kathy Green, Carl & Nancy Stonebraker and John & Mary Taylor back home after spending part or all of the winter in Florida.

It’s also good to see our College students gradually returning home for the summer.


Brad is in the process of re-starting our Missional Engagement Ministry.  If you were previously involved or would like information about becoming involved, please contact him.


Our Summer Quarter for our Bible Classes will begin June 3.  We still need several teachers. If you can help, please contact Angel Baker or Sally McDiffitt and sign the list on the bulletin board across from Brad’s office.


There will be a planning session for VBS next Sunday at 4:45 in the MP Room.


The deadline for registering for the Work Camp in Parkersburg, WV, (June 17-22) is next Sunday, May 20.  Please contact Brad Schrum for details.


We have received word that the Potter Children’s Home representative won’t be here until this coming Thursday.  So if you would still like to donate one of the following requested items, you can bring them by Wednesday evening:  French Dressing, Bottled Water and Soft-Scrub.  They also need cash donations to help with the purchase of perishable foods. Please place the items on the table in the hallway across from Everett’s office and give any money to Everett.


“Knowing Christ,” is the scheduled topic for Phil Sanders’ lesson in next week’s broadcast.  The program can be seen locally every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on WTRF-TV, ch. 7











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