Wayne Patton hopes to be able to return to work tomorrow as he continues to recover from a blood clot in his lung. Delores Burkhart is to undergo hernia surgery this coming Wednesday in Wheeling Hospital.   Wilda Freeland was to return to her home at Brook Park Place in Wheeling yesterday after being in Park Health Care Center for the past few weeks.

    Terry Swisher, Pat Corder’s brother, is recovering from a heart attack which he experienced last Sunday.    Charlotte Mason, Mae Deller’s daughter, has completed all available treatments for her cancer. The prognosis for recovery is not good.   John Samuel Leonard, Sam & Delores Burkhart’s grandson, is recovering from last Sunday’s emergency hernia surgery.

The following for whom our prayers have been requested recently continue to need our prayerful support.   Caden Blacker, Clyde Carpenter, Marietta Forest, (one of Sue Beisel’s co-worker), Caleb Games (Brian’s nephew), Scott Greenlee (co-worker of Darlene Baker, Karen Digiandomenico and Jan Ehni), Faith Hilton (Bunky Loy’s granddaughter), Donna Hirauk, Lee Hoffman, Kevin Kalany, Herb Keys (father of Jessica Harris’ brothers), Judy Kinemond (Mary Donna Wodarcyk’s daughter-in-law, cancer), Margaret Noling (John’s mother, shingles), Charlotte Patton,  Pat Rice, Kay Sowinski, Peg Spielvogel, Frank Sponhaltz, Jimmy Thrash,  Kirstin Wallace (one of Kay Sowinski’s co-workers), Jennifer Wheeler (Amy Nestor’s mother), Connie Willison (one of Nancy Miller’s co-workers) and Ron Wilson (neighbor of Vera Perry & Jimmy Thrash).

The following who are no longer able to worship with us regularly need our prayers and encouragement:  Evelyn Barker, Ella Bell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Bill Kopyar, Joyce Orzolek, Pearl Roy, Harry Schrum, Alice Shunk, Leon & June Smith, Jim  Thrash, Marlene Trisolene and Joanne Wallner.


We extend our deepest sympathy to Dee Lallathin in the recent death of her aunt, Evelyn Clark, who died 9 days after she turned 100 years old.

Our genuine sympathy is also extended to Roger Moore and his family in the April 2nd death of his wife, Joyce.    The Moores worshipped with us and were a part of our church family a few years ago.


Those of our church family and extended church family who are serving in the armed forces continue to need our prayers…Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), Chad Huggins, Bill Randolph (Matt’s father), Nathan Rodak (Jay & Rhonda’s son, soon to  be deployed to Afghanistan) and Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son).


All of our shepherds, deacons and preachers will meet for their bi-monthly meeting next Sunday at 4:30 p.m. in the MP Room.

 PICTORIAL DIRECTORY                    

It has been three years since we last updated our Pictorial Directory. Since that time, several new members have been added to our church family as well as several other families experiencing some changes.  So it is time to update our directory.  Please sign the schedule on the bulletin board for a time for your family to be photographed by Brad Schrum or Kay Sowinski.  To make the directory more useable, we would like to have 100% of our families photographed.


There will be an important planning meeting for this summer’s VBS (Aug. 5-9) on Sunday, April 28, at 4:30 in the MP Room.


Girls, if you are in the Sixth Grade through the College Age Group, you are invited to participate in the 8th Annual “God’s Girls’ Youth Rally” hosted by the Holiday Park church in Pittsburgh this coming Saturday, April 20 (9:45-5:45 p.m.).   (See the Bulletin board across from Brad’s office for more details and a sign-up list.)


This coming Saturday (9:00-3:30), the Grand Central church in Vienna, WV, will be hosting their Annual Junior Youth Rally for Grades 3-6.  Although you missed the registration deadline required for receiving a T-shirt, you are still invited to participate.  More details are on the Youth Bulletin Board across from Brad’s office.


The representatives from Potter Children’s Home in Bowling Green, KY, have requested that we donate the following items:  13 gallon kitchen trash bags; water; Spray & Shout Stain Remover; canned whole tomatoes and canned refried beans. Cash for fresh foods is also needed.  The deadline is May 12.


If you have internet and would like to help others know more about the gospel of Christ and how it can impact their lives, go to www.worldbibleschool.net/teach for more information on how you can help others in understanding the good news of Christ.


    “Box Tops for Education,” “Campbell’s Labels for Education,” used eyeglasses, ink cartridges from printers and greeting card fronts (no Christmas cards, please) are all being collected to help others. Please bring any of the items and place them in the appropriate containers in the hallway.


If I visit a church of Christ, what can I expect to find there? What do they believe? How do they worship? How are they organized? Who are the churches of Christ? Those will be some of the questions, Phil Sanders will address in next week’s sermon presentation, “The Church of Christ.”   The nationally televised program can be seen locally every Sunday at 7:30 a.m. on WTRF-TV, Ch. 7.







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