Jerry Moore is consulting with his doctor regarding the most effective treatment for the aneurysm in his lower abdominal region.  Kay Sowinski is to undergo a  biopsy tomorrow on a mass in her breast. Peg Spielvogel will soon have a permanent stimulator surgically inserted in her back if the temporary  one continues to work as well as it has been since its installation.  Virgnia Orrison is suffering from cellulitis in her legs. She is now living in Beacon House. Bertha Kettlewell was seriously shaken up in an automobile accident on her way to church services last Sunday morning.  She experienced no injuries.

Jennifer Jefferies, the Kopyars’ daughter, was to undergo gall bladder surgery last Thursday in Wheeling Hospital. Dusty Funkhauser, one of Bunky Loy’s daughters, was to undergo surgery last Friday to remove a large mass which is on her bowel. Charles Foy, the father of Ethel Kent’s son-in-law, is suffering from early stages of dementia.

Louise Bailey, Wendy (Gooch) Bailey’s mother-in-law, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The following for whom our prayers have been requested recently continue to need our support: Louis Bain (Kate’s husband), Miranda Baker (15-year daughter of Lisa Johnson’s co-worker), Evelyn Barker, Ilse Burkett (Peg Spielvogel’s mother), Allen Caldwell (Christan Thornberry’s nephew), Darlene Engler (Harold Hudson’s niece), Marilyn Findley and her family (Carolyn Campbell’s sister), Mike Fuchs (member of the Beallsville congregation), Shelli Glasgow, Kevin Kalany, Leslie Kutchel (Amanda Schrum’s aunt), Charlotte Mason (Mae Deller’s daughter), Ray Ramsay, Brenda Stillion (Angel Baker’s cousin and Karen Barbe’s sister), Fred Swann (Joyce Slatt’s brother), Alexis & Travis Thornberry, Jodie Tschapatt (Elaine Sambuco’s sister-in-law), Tammy White (Tina Hayes’ sister) and Joy Yontz.


Let’s continue our prayers for our expectant mothers and their babies…Leslie Huffman (a boy in February), Ashley McKeen (a girl in March), Terra Blacker (a boy in April), Carrie Lucas (a girl in April) and Amy Higgins (May).


Those from our church family and extended church family continue to need our support. … Nathan Rodak (Bill & Joan’s grandson), Kristen Roy (Pearl Roy’s granddaughter) and Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son, Afghanistan).


Please continue your prayers and encouragement for those who are unable to regularly worship with us any longer…Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Lenny Hungerman, Dorothy Kimble, Bill Kopyar, Joyce Orzolek, Bill Richards, Alice Shunk (Leonard Bearup’s mother), Leon & June Smith, Ed & Bea Stelmach, Vonda Swisher, Jim Thrash, Mike Tribbie (Cumberland Pointe),  Marlene Trisolene, Joanne Wallner and  Bill White.


We extend our deepest sympathy to Carrie Lucas in the Dec. 10th death of her grandmother, Pauline Seyler, in Marietta.  A private memorial service will be held in January.

Our deepest sympathy is also extended to Joe Stenger in the Dec. 9th death of his brother, Bob Stenger, from Belmont.  His funeral was last Tuesday in Bethesda.


We rejoiced to hear last Sunday that on Sunday, Dec. 4, Pam Tribbie responded to the Lord’s invitation at the St. Joe church to ask to be restored to the Lord’s body.


Teams 1,2&5 will lead our ministry of encouraging others for the next two weeks. Please remember this ministry in your prayers.


We will meet at our regular times for the next two Sunday mornings (Dec. 25 & Jan. 1), but there will be no evening service on either of those days.  We will resume our regular schedule on Jan. 8.


This afternoon at 4:30 p.m., our shepherds, deacons and preachers will meet to pray for and to discuss the ongoing work of our church family.  Please join your prayers with theirs at that time.


To help celebrate the upcoming arrival of Paul & Leslie Huffman’s baby boy, we are collecting money for a car seat.  Any money collected above the purchase price will be given to them to help with additional needs.  Please give your money to Amy Games or Linda Gooch.


Throughout His life Jesus faced people who wanted to take His life or to end His ministry.  Many of those challenges remain today.  In next week’s lesson, “A Friend To Jesus,”  Phil Sanders will challenge the TV audience to indeed be a friend to our Lord.  The weekly broadcast can be seen every Sunday on WTRF-TV, Ch. 7, at 7:30 a.m.











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