1.22.17 Bulletin News

Prayer Requests
New requests & updates: Sharon Baranich (Jessica Crawford’s mother) is in the hospital at OVMC. Bryan Beisel (Susan’s husband) was in the hospital in Florida. He is now home. Mary Bass has been moved to Park Health Center room 204. Randy Gallagher is now home from the hospital. He is still on antibiotics for the infection in his foot. Caleb Hayes has gastritis (with dehydration). Charlotte Patton is sick. Julio (Santiago) Negron has been having stomach problems. Max Wallner (Joanne’s husband) is recovering from a broken femur. Gregg Voscavitch had a lung biopsy at OSU on Friday.

On-going prayers needed: Kate Bain, Jim Bass, Charles Boger, Barbara Brewer, Tom Denney, Karen Dunfee, Alicia Estadt, Joann Gaston, Willy Glasgow, Austin Green, Starling Green, Debbie Hatcher, Dorothy Heil, Chad Huntsman, Ted Huntsman, John Isiminger, Janie Judge, Kevin Kalany, Scott Kalany, Molly Leonard, Peggy Lucas, Maiorana family, Maureen McBride (back),  Donna Morris, Eleanor Palimetakis, George Patton, Cheryl Stefan, Joyce Stimpert, Gregg Voscavitch, Fayetta Watkins, Jennifer Wheeler, Randy Williams, Lori Witchey & Dee Withers. In the Military: C.J. Harding (Terry Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son), Colt Thomas (Karen Thomas’ step-son), & Tyrell Watson (Riley’s husband).

News & Notes: “I AM” Series The winter series in our Wednesday night adult class has been great so far! Jeff Bigler will be leading our class this week. We will be studying from John 8v12 and exploring what it means that Jesus is “The True Vine.” If you have to miss a class, they will be on the website, under the media tab.

Congratulations: RJ & Andrea Nolte adopted a baby boy named Owen Michael. He was born January 4. He weighed 8lbs 4 oz.

Meetings:  There will be a ministry meeting for all the shepherds, deacons, and ministers today at 4:30 in the Fireside Room. There will be a congregation meeting next Sunday night (Jan. 29) following our evening worship gathering.

Sympathy:  We extend our sympathy to Don Zink. His father, Earl Zink, passed away. The funeral was Wednesday.

Work Opportunity: If you would be interest in sitting with an elderly lady in Bellaire from 12-6pm on Monday – Fridays, see Rob Miller. Pay would be $10-14/hr.

Vacuum Cleaner: In an effort to help one of our members, we are looking for a new home for a Kirby vacuum cleaner (with all the attachments). If you would like to purchase it for $800, please see Nancy Hudson, who is coordinating the effort.

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