1.1.2017 Bulletin News

Prayer Requests
New requests & updates: Mary Bass has the flu. Tom Denney (Homer & Linda’s son) will be having a cochlear implant on Feb. 21 at WVU hospital in Morgantown. He is to have a CAT scan & physical on Feb. 7. Austen Inherst (11 years old) had to have a partial amputation of his finger. Eleanor Palimetakis is in the Health South Rehab center after having some health issues. Joyce Stimpert’s (Jodi Frye’s mother) chemo will begin January 9. Fayetta Watkins (Charlotte Patton’s neighbor) fell last week and broke her hip.

On-going prayers needed: Kate Bain, Jim Bass, Charles Boger, Barbara Brewer, Carolyn Campbell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Karen Dunfee, Alicia Estadt, Joann Gaston, Willy Glasgow, Austin Green (Dennie’s dad), Starling Green (Dennie’s uncle), Debbie Hatcher, Caleb Hayes, Dorothy Heil, Kyle Hope, Chad Huntsman, Ted Huntsman, John Isiminger, Janie Judge, Kevin Kalany, Scott Kalany, Dean Lancaster, Molly Leonard, Bunky Loy, Peggy Lucas, the Maiorono family, Kinsey Milleson, Kelly Moore, Susan Moore, Donna Morris, Dennis Nardo, Joyce Orzolek, George Patton (Wayne’s brother), Leon Smith, Cheryl Stefan, Becky Thomas & Mark Smiggle, Greg Voscavitch, Joanne Wallner, Jennifer Wheeler, Randy Williams, Lori Witchey & Dee Withers.

In the Military: C.J. Harding (Terry Fitch’s step-son), Jason Harris (Bill & Pat Rice’s son-in-law), Joey Stenger (Joe & Karen’s son), Colt Thomas (Karen Thomas’ step-son), & Tyrell Watson (Riley’s husband).

Our Shut-ins: Ella Bell, Carolyn Campbell, Bill & Sue Daley, Mae Deller, Wilda Freeland, Joyce Orzolek, Leon Smith, Jim Thrash, Marlene Trisolene, Joanne Wallner & Dee Withers.

News & Notes – Holiday Schedule:
Remember, we will not have our evening worship gatherings tonight. Enjoy time with your families!

“I AM” Series:  We will begin a new 8-week series in our adult class on Wednesday called “I Am,” exploring some of Jesus’ “I am…” statements in the Gospel of John. Terry Lively will be kicking off the series by teaching “I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life” from John 11v17-27. Hope to see you there!

Calling Chain: There are new calling chains available on the table in the back of the fellowship hall. Please make sure you pick up a copy.

Family Announcements:  The church is called to be a family. Part of being a family means that we set aside time in every gathering to share announcements & prayer requests. However, due to the difficulty in hearing announcements made from the audience, the shepherds ask that you write any announcements or prayer requests down and turn them in before hand. Thanks for your help!

The Lord’s Table Preparation:  We still have some slots to help prepare the Lord’s Table in 2017. If you can help to prepare the bread and cup for one month in 2017, please sign up on the bulletin board.

Vacation: Brad has been on vacation. He will be back to work on January 3. Keaton will be preaching this morning.

Guest Speaker:  Scott Judge will be bringing the message in the evening on January 8.

Ladies’ Class: The ladies’ class has had their last class for the winter. They will resume again this spring.

New Shepherds: Continue to pray for Jeff Bigler and Jerry Moore as they begin their new work as our shepherds.


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